Reliable Replica Sport Watches – The Story Is Better Than The Olympics

Although sport watches have no relationship with Olympics, there still are so many athletes who are just fond of these sport watches. And the stories behind are also more lasting and intriguing. As instruments of precise chronograph, they are born in company, sometimes even more breathtaking than a fury competition.

How Do Pilots Wear Watches?

With the perfect combination of white and black, this replica IWC watch directly shows the claasical design.
Black Strap Fake IWC

Early, military watches were worn in a very special way because of operational requirements. The pilot controls the joystick with both hands and cannot raise his hands to look at the time, so his watch is strapped to his upper thigh. While for this white scale replica IWC watch which has been considered as one of the most complicated Pilot watches, that features a homemade movement providing seven-day power reserve, driving a full set of complicated watchmaking functions which includes a four-digit calendar, as well as dates, weeks, months, and moonphase display. Also matching comfortable strap adjustment, no longer need to be tied on the thigh.

The Great Race

With a bright red second hand, this replica TAG Heuer watch more with a dynamic feeling.
Red Second Hand Fake TAG Heuer

In 1976, Jack William Heuer, the founder of TAG Heuer, designed a chronograph watch to celebrate his friend Niki Lauda winning the world championship with a ferrari. “When Niki Lauda returned to his resting seat on race day, he took off his fireproof hijab and got blood all over his head, but he still pushed on the race,” Jack William Heuer recalled.then , he was so impressed that he created this replica TAG Heuer watch, while this new black dial fake TAG Heuer Heuer Monza is a tribute to the black racing style.

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